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Lady Scumbag can best be described as a counterfeit Basic Bitch. Crass,self-interested, and grimy on the inside, she puts herself first, using her well-honed—if undisguised—feminine wiles to suck the resources out of unsuspecting bros and other human accessories that lay in her path. Wrapped in a thin veneer of sweetness, Lady Scumbag is a lady first but definitely not foremost. She’ll drink your beer and then piss in your lawn. Amoral, not immoral, her motives are not fueled by vindictiveness or cruelty—rather her super power stems from a blatant disregard of others’ perceptions and judgments of her character. And while lying is not her preferred method for accruing the currency of her choice, Lady Scumbag does excel at twisting the expected ambiguity of femme communication to her advantage. Utilizing desire as the path of least resistance, She is her own protagonist and can often be found with other Lady Scumbags scheming in plain sight.

This site acts as a watering hole around which like-minded LSB’s convene to freely discuss issues of import to Us. To learn more about Our ethics, feel free to read the full text from which the above definition of LSB is taken.

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