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Ten Lines (September 2017)


Ten Lines (September 2017)

Illustration by the author

Ten Lines (September 2017)

Putting the Me before the he: an ode to the emotional prepwork that goes into the crafting of a casual encounter.

Coffee-breath bad
Lapsang souchong tea-might squirt too much
How many towels do I have
Did I put the rubber sheet on the bed
Are my legs shaved
Is the lip gloss too sickly sweet
Is it my daughter’s
What about my feet
Will he notice that toe
Do I trust him
Really, that took ten lines down to ask that?
Is he too young
Is he too small
Is he too capitalist
Do I actually care about this?
Is he fucking me for some other reason than actually liking me
I have no money
What could he steal

And then
You don’t have to fuck him
You have asked to see his driver’s license
You have said that
You will talk sex before you start
Small, lovely, switchy man

From a series of erotica by Arwyn Other
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The author is an LSB community member contributing anonymously. While we work towards a world where all LSBs can fearlessly speak their truth, we also recognize that the moralizing, sex-negative daddy issues our society has inherited from our forefathers sometimes makes that impossible. Thus, Anon LSB can be seen as an every-femme, sharing her real experiences without sharing her real identity.

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