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Lady Scumbag is an attitude.

Lady Scumbag is the archetype of the give-zero-fucks woman that lives within us all.

Operating outside the normal behavior we expect from good girls, Lady Scumbag’s superpower springs from a blatant disregard of what others think of Her. Amoral (not immoral), She has a strong grasp on how the world perceives different types of women, and fully works these categories to Her advantage. Always aware of how She functions as a woman in society, Lady Scumbag sees a culture’s propensity to devalue and underestimate feminine power as its achilles heel. Self-interested, pleasure-oriented, and fueled by an insatiable appetite for life, LSB takes Her desire very seriously. She never thinks twice to tweak Her performance of femininity in order to get what she wants, and uses whatever She has at hand to produce Her own privilege. As an emerging archetype, Lady Scumbag claims for women a complexity of character that has been traditionally portrayed through the masculine.

 To learn more about the genesis of the LSB project, feel free to read the full text from which this website emerged.


This site acts as a cauldron around which we convene to conjure the spirit of Lady Scumbag. Through the voices of multiple contributors, we use this platform create space for Her and honor the LSB within each and every one of us.

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