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What we do:

As an online platform, we publish work that speaks to experiences of womanhood that challenge the good-girl vs bad-girl binary. Featuring videos, audio interviews, book/travel/pop-culture reviews, personal essays, erotica, lyrical prose, and fiction and non-fiction stories, LSB is interested in work that centralizes feminine desire, pleasure, and self-interest. We accept submissions on a rolling deadline, and we pay all published contributors.

What we believe:

Our culture’s propensity to devalue and underestimate feminine power is its achilles heel. Ladyscumbag is an emergent archetype that capitalizes on this societal weakness. With a strong grasp on how the world perceives different types of women, the Ladyscumbag works these categories to her advantage. A social chameleon with an eye for opportunity, she doesn’t think twice to tweak her performance of femininity in order to get what she wants. Self-interested, pleasure-oriented, and fueled by an insatiable appetite for life, she uses whatever she has at hand to produce her own privilege. Are you acquainted with the Ladyscumbag within you?

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