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Lady Scumbag M*A*S*H


Lady Scumbag M*A*S*H

Lady Scumbag M*A*S*H

Everyone loves girl talk! So WOC, what better way to bond with your BFFs than through a classic game from the depths of your childhood?? All you need is a pen and a pad, and Janelle Grace and Zoe Yang’s Lady Scumbag M*A*S*H will do the rest…Don’t stress about your future, ideate on the white fuckboy of your dreams and before you know it, their privilege may soon be yours…4 ever and ever! <3<3<3


1) Set the stage:

Start by downloading or copying the Lady Scumbag M*A*S*H template below:

2) Instructions for play:

With a friend, fill out each category by responding to the questions with answers that pertain to your own white boo(s), past or present. You will fill in 3 of the responses, and your friend will fill in the 4th on your behalf, mercilessly. For the header category of MASH, you’ll supply a white boy name that starts with each letter.

Once you’ve filled out the responses, you’ll close your eyes while your friend draws a spiral. She’ll draw the spiral until you say “stop,” and open your eyes. You’ll then count the number of lines that cross the diameter of the spiral, including the point in the middle. The number of lines is the number you’ll use to count off.

Starting with the M in MASH and going through each response to each question, count off the responses, crossing out the response you land on when you get to your number. Repeat this process until you have one response left in a category, and circle it. Once you’ve got a single response for each category, you have a complete narrative of your relationship with a white boo.

3) Inspiration & examples:

Need some help getting started? See some tips from the makers and examples of completed Lady Scumbag M*A*S*H games below!

We would love to see your results!

If you’ve played Lady Scumbag M*A*S*H and want to share, feel free to post it on your IG and tag us @Lady_scumbag

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Janelle Grace and Zoe Yang are two formerly messy Virgos living in New York City.

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