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Ladyscumbag Gab: Tomboys Gone Femme


Ladyscumbag Gab: Tomboys Gone Femme

Illustration by Patricio Morales

Ladyscumbag Gab: Tomboys Gone Femme

This conversation with performance artist Jennifer Locke around personal style touches on subjects from female female impersonation to the pleasures of teaching, and everything in between (our legs).



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Working in performance, video, and still imagery, Jennifer Locke composes physically intense, sculptural actions in relation to the camera, audience, and specific architecture. Within this framework, she plays with viewing structures—redistributing hierarchies between artist, model, camera, and audience—in order to explore intersubjectivity, spectatorship, and the construction of meaning. Locke has exhibited in venues such as the 2010 California Biennial; 48th Venice Biennale; Air de Paris, Paris; the 9th Havana Biennial; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions; Canada, New York; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; the Berkeley Art Museum; and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

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