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A Day in the life of an OG LSB [NSFW]


A Day in the life of an OG LSB [NSFW]

Scummin' ain't easy...

A Day in the life of an OG LSB [NSFW]

There is a Ladyscumbag who lives within Us all..and this is a document of what happens when One of Us is released to wreak havoc on a monster truck rally. Flexing Her femme powers in this male-dominated space, She uses the testosterone in the air to Her advantage–harnessing it as fuel for the ultimate grimey girls night out (and in). Ain’t no party like the LSB party…

SLIDESHOW: A Day in the Life of an LSB


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The author is an LSB community member contributing anonymously. While we work towards a world where all LSBs can fearlessly speak their truth, we also recognize that the moralizing, sex-negative daddy issues our society has inherited from our forefathers sometimes makes that impossible. Thus, Anon LSB can be seen as an every-femme, sharing her real experiences without sharing her real identity.

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