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I am, both, a multidisciplinary artist and birth doula. My work is focused in the realms of dreams, surreal symbolism, deconstructing mythology and ancestry, animism, elemental forces, and alchemical practices of nature reverence. My works are explorations of various states of fluidity, transmutation, and the slippery, elusive, anomalistic spaces materializing in tactile, visceral form. Ultimately, the result is otherworldliness, and a connection to the infinite, existing outside of time… though very rooted in earth. It is a space where phantasmagoria becomes tangible and familiar. Primordial and feral. My performances are a distillation of raw energy in ritualistic catharsis: A theater of the primordial. My hope is to offer a kind of abstract medicine through sensual form. My instruments are performance, film/ video, sculpture/ installation, music, and drawing.

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