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Queens of the Night


Queens of the Night

Image by Xina Xurner

Queens of the Night

Xina Xurner’s title track off their new album “Queens of the Night” is a sort of XX protest-dance-anthem gone feral. We’ve posted the lyrics below so you can learn the words and sing along. A perfect LSB serenade for all occasions! #kareokegoals



Release the flood of your desire.
Strength is resistance.
Free your existence that cries in the night.

Attention, Attention:
At night we rise
And we become a single flame that lights the way
Toward the destruction, the annihilation of the patriarchy!

At twilight it’s time 
To kill the king, take back the streets, take back the crown
They can’t stop us now
We are queens!

Kill the king of hypocrisy, superiority, the majority
Flood the streets
Claim every corner
Disrupt the order
Cross all borders
Kill the king, take back the crown, take back the streets
The can’t stop us now
We are queens.

Original lyrics by the author | Copyright © 2018 Xina Xurner 

Listen to the full Queens of the Night album here

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Xina Xurner's cathartic performances combine diy and power electronics, mutated vocals, and bad drag, to manifest the rage, pain, struggle, laughter, and joy of embracing the “other” identity that you had not chosen, but was forced on you, as a queer trans person of color. Their music combines a variety of genres (including happy hardcore, industrial, drone metal, and techno-opera), in order to create sadical and sexperimental noise-diva-dance anthems that evoke a sense of death, decay, and transformation. xina xurner released their debut album "DIE" in 2012 and their newest album "Queens of The Night" is released in April 2018.

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