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Diaspora: Take One

Image by Micol Hebron, Universal/Autonomy, Digital Image, dimensions variable, 2016


Diaspora: Take One

A cosmic lyrical journey with badass LSB Kaycie López Jones who spits her original rhymes to traverse the ocean of our fears and make the Earth quake. Recorded all in a single (FIRST) take, we included the lyrics below for your fan-girl goals.



Our history’s a mystery,

Shrouded in the dark,

Hidden in plain sight until

Suddenly a spark

Shines a light so bright

We become blinded by our tears,

Choked out by our emotion

As we realize that our fears

Are spread across an ocean.


As we realize that our fears

Are spread across an ocean,

Our tears

Are spread across an ocean.


Our diaspora is for us

To know so we can grow,

So we can be true

To our identity,

You see

That they hid it from us

Hit it from you

Hid it from me

In our body

In our bones

They kept us in the dark

Until that spark

Brought the light

The flash of a camera

Put everything in sight.


They wanted us to suffer,

They wanted to replace us

Better yet eradicate us,

So they treated us like feces,

Got rid of all our teachers,

Taught only our oppression,

Tryin to teach some sorta lesson,

Trying to erase our story,

Trying to stamp out our glory,

Making up boarders to divide us,

Tryin to rip us from inside us.


Plus they want everything we make,

Feeling like it’s theirs to take,

Tryin to sell our culture back to us,

Style art and intellect,

Even our booty shake,

I’m bout to make this Earth quake,

I’m bout to make this Earth break,

It’s getting to the point now

They don’t even know they’re fake.


They really think it’s theirs,

“Like, who cares anyway?”

They say,

“We’re all one human race.”


Bitch please,

Get on your knees,

And bow to me,

I am your queen,

I gave you life,

You gave me strife,

I give you love,

You take a knife

And cut my heart out

Rip it from my chest

And sell it

Then you fuck the rest.


The empty shell?

You take it for your own as well.


I gave you prosperity

And you took the world from me.


But you see

My spirit, my soul,

It is forever whole,

It is not yours or mine to keep,

It lives above, beside, below, inside out and in,

It never loses,

Always wins,

It’s free no matter what we do,

It’s free from me,

It’s free from you,

It lives, a separate entity,

Impervious to cruelty,

Immaculate inherently,

No one can touch its sanctity,

Our spirit, through infinity,


Original lyrics by the author | Copyright © 2017 Kaycie López Jones 

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Kaycie's life study is the evolution of (human) consciousness. As such, history fascinates her and does not feel too distant. She grew up in Seattle, WA and spent her childhood on stage dancing, singing and acting; as well as playing musical instruments and basketball. She also loved physics and astronomy. Currently, she teaches tap dance in Portland; runs a statewide youth mentorship program; and facilitates racial justice//educational equity//intercultural competence/communication workshops/trainings. She loves to dance, esp. salsa, tap, and Hip Hop freestyle. She is a cat mama; and she is simply bad-ass.

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