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  • The LSB Institute

    By October 6, 2018

    Can one achieve self-liberation through institutional engagement? Here at LSB, we are developing a pseudo-sociological survey...

  • Video


    By September 13, 2018

    Writer and filmmaker Vicki Syal gives Lifetime an LSB twist. Creating ANGIE especially for Lady Scumbag,...

  • LADY SCUMBAG 2.0 @ Pomona College

    By September 4, 2018

    With this second iteration of the LSB installation in Pomona College’s Chan Gallery, Lady Scumbag has...

  • Music

    Diaspora: Take One

    By April 26, 2018

    A cosmic lyrical journey with badass LSB Kaycie López Jones who spits her original rhymes to...

  • Conversations

    Ladyscumbag Gab: 3 Types of Women

    By March 30, 2018

    Image by Emily Joyce “She Thanks Her Manager, Her Karate Teacher, And Her Manicurist” 2018 mixed...

  • Photos

    Gross lady

    By March 21, 2018

    Gross lady Birthed from infectious and affectatious depths, A germ-lusting maiden emerges on the banks of...

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