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Gross lady

Photos by Julius Tanag

Gross lady

Gross lady

Birthed from infectious and affectatious depths,
A germ-lusting maiden emerges on the banks of the Los Angeles River.

White-washing your day dreams of Salmon-ella,
she’d like to cook her gluten-free noodles in your piss.

She’s desperate to be older, wiser and grayer.
Desperate to command the waves of scum.

Starving for perfection, every day she asks her reflection,
Who’s the grossest of them all?

Living is only worth it with a yeast infection~

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Lara Salmon is a performance artist based in Los Angeles. Her work is focused around the body, its vulnerability, and action as a political statement. She's participated in most of Kim's projects, enjoying the opportunity they provide to push her own physical and sexual boundaries. You can see Lara's work at

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