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Sea Bottom Fornicata

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Sea Bottom Fornicata

One LSB’s summer love affair with the orgiastic gender fucking snails of the sea. Follow Heather Renée Russ’ adventures as she sets her honeytrap in this photo/video essay…

Last summer I became obsessed with all of the crazy gender fucking creatures that reside on the seafloor. Right now I am most taken with Crepidula fornicata, aka the ‘sex beast.’ These kinky snails attach to surfaces and pile on top of one another to have big orgies. They shapeshift their genitalia switching their sexes as it suits them- and to best accommodate their positions in the sex pile. I decided to create a fun sex pad to invite these creatures over to party on. I’ve submerged wigs, dicks, kegel balls, anal beads, flashy earrings, fishnets, gags etc. to the bottom of the sea to try and entice these kinky fuckers over.

Heading out to sea.  [VIDEO]

The submerging.

Two months later- going back to take a look. [VIDEO]

So far this experiment has invited an extravagant accessory exchange with the sea. Sea weaves. Kelp pubic hair. It has been pretty fabulous.

Playing with these adornments has been a treat but the sex beasts have yet to arrive. I do have another trick up my sleeve. One of crepidula fornacata’s favorite surfaces to fornicate upon is oyster shell. Oysters, who also like to switch up the binary, host these sex parties all the while doing the good work of mitigating nitrogen in the water so other creatures (even their predators) can better survive. Sound familiar? I am currently redecorating the sex pad in an oyster shell motif to entice these little perverts over to party when the weather warms up. In the meantime I’ll keep playing in the seaweed and will attempt to pick out all of the brine shrimp that have crawled into my crevices…

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Heather Renée Russ is a Multi-Media Artist from San Francisco. She received her MFA from School of Visual Arts in New York City. She is a founder of Cutter Photozine, a collaborative photography publication and Club Feral, a multi-gender queer performance space in San Francisco. Her work has been shown at SF Camerawork, Cinders Gallery, Space Create, Garner Arts Center and in The Guggenheim Stillspotting NYC project. Heather Renée Russ often explores complex identity and the struggle to find and create place. She is a part of the Lair Fera Queer Art Collective in Brooklyn, New York where she resides.

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